DishanKart Automatic Water Dispenser Wireless for 20 Litre Bottle


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  • CONVENIENCE: No heavy lifting of water cans & hence ideal for women/ senior citizens.
  • APPLICATION: Fits standard Bubble top cans in Home, Office, School, Factory or Hospital, etc.
  • INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Connect the tube and stainless steel tube 2. Insert the hose into the bottle. Then fasten the pump 3. Press the button to pump out the water 4. Press the button again to stop pumping.
  • INNOVATIVE: Waterproof capped button dispenses water in a single press.
  • ELEGANCE: Food grade tube is exclusively for longer usage with a one-touch button.

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Product Description

The automatic water dispenser comes with a sturdy glossy cylindrical body the soft click button effectively dispenses water in a single touch.