DishanKart Electronic Music Piano Keyboard 61 Keys Piyano Instrument For Kids with LED Display, Recording, Microphone and USB Cable Charging Feature – Black


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  • 61 Keys, 16 Tones, 10 Rhythms, 6 Demos, 8 Percussion
  • Other Functions: Song Record And Play Function, Single Finger Chord and Fingered Chord.Microphone Included.
  • DIRECT DC POWER MODE OPTION: Connect Your Mobile Charger to Play on DC Power. Power Saving Mode: It Can Be Easily Powered on by connecting Android Mobile Phone Charger Or By Usb Cable Connected With Any Computer Or Even Power Banks. (USB Included)
  • Dimensions of the product 63x20x5. 5 cms
  • NOTE: If keys are locked / Jammed please pull each key out slowly in order to use. Keys are locked for safe transportation. Only Left Side Speaker Works. Right side speaker window is for show only. Mic is placed at backside of Piano/Keyboard.

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Product Description

The piano has 61 keys, 16 tones, 10 rhythms, 6 demos, 8 percussions. easily powered on by connecting an Android mobile phone charger or by a USB cable connected.