DishanKart Transparent Bus Concept Musical and 3D Lights Kids Transparent Car, Toy for 2-5 Year Kids Baby Toy


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  • Transparent Concept Racing Bus with 3D Flashing Lights Bus with functions: Forward/ Backward, Stop. Unique Design – Transparent design, one Can see the gear inside, helps the kids to know mechanical concept.
  • Universal electric driving, colorful lighting, mechanical system of the simulation gear, pleasant sound effects.
  • Gear Driving Effect- Increases children’s observation ability. Rich color. Increase children’s cognitive ability.
  • Luminous Bus with colorful LED lights supports your baby’s intellectual development, would improve your baby’s hand-eye coordination, is a good family game and will help the parent-child relationship.
  • Luminous Bus with colorful LED lights

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Product Description

This will kick up the playtime of your little one a notch higher. Packed with engaging features, it will keep him or she entertained for a long period of time. Crafted with care, it is also safe to play with.